Joey, a.k.a specter rainswimmer, happens to be son of poseidon, and because of this he can control water, and he has inherited little other magic from his grandfather, chronos. he owns a morfeon, a shapeshifting puddle of blue ooze, which assists him on his adventures through the universe.

Origin of PowersEdit

When still young, joey was taken to the rainforest by his father, poseidon. A strange monkey bit him and a year later, he developed the agility and coordination of a monkey. joey continued to develop aquakinesis and other magic up until the age of twelve, when he changed his name to specter rainswimmer and met Sylos Rayn, the leader of the kityns, who gifted him with a mech watch. This got specter interested in technology even more than he previously was.

Powers / AbilitiesEdit

  • aquakinesis
  • time control (barely)
  • mech watch
  • magic satchel
  • lycanthropy
  • Monkey agility