malus the braveEdit

once, sometime around 3998 L.Y, malus the dark, who was then known as malus the brave, was a wizard, and he studied life magic, and when one of his students died, he used life magic to bring his student back to life, but it went horribly wrong, he had created a Zombie! So he strapped into his armor, but it was poisoned with mercury, so he went insane, becoming The Iron Prisoner.

Iron PrisonerEdit

As the iron prisoner, malus discovered he could absorb life energy to restore his sanity, so he began searching for a good enough life source. He eventually found his old student, who had somehow maximized his life energy, and converted thousands of people into zombies, he led them in a search for his master, so he could get his revenge, but his master sapped his life energy, and was corrupted by the darkness, so he turned into a dark purple crystal humanoid monster, so he exiled himself from the galaxy, and was thought to have died, but he was really plotting a plan to dominate the universe.

Malus the darkEdit